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Official first ever BanhXeoBlanket!

Made with 100% polyester.

Perfect gift for any Vietnamese food lover!

About Us

Hi guys my name is Tony Nguyen and I created BanhXeoBlankets! What inspired me to created this brand was the burrito blanket, I was like that’s so cool! So I thought up of something similar that revolves around the Vietnamese culture and cuisine. I was like holy smokes what if I did the Vietnamese crepe? One it’s a super underrated dish and two it will let people that is a fan of Vietnamese cusine or Vietnamese show off their pride. So that’s how BanhXeoBlankets was made. Looking forward to see more people join the Crepe Gang!

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Made with 100% polyester. Become a Vietnamese Crepe! This blanket is a perfect gift for any Vietnamese food lover! Wrap up, get comfy and enjoy this blanket! Recommended Washing Directions:  Wash blanket in warm water.  Use a mild detergent, with no bleach or fabric softener, and do not wash with other textiles. Tumble dry on the lowest possible heat setting and without other textiles or fabric softener present.